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DeSh~Stoom turns every home oven into a professional oven with steam. Its unique material and design ensure that in a simple way bread gets just the right amount of steam at the right moment. The moisture must be added at the beginning of the baking process, otherwise the bread won’t have a crispy crust. DeSh~Stoom produces steam after a few seconds. After about 4 to 5 minutes the dish is empty again as all the water has turned to steam. The result is delicious good quality homemade bread with a crispy, thin crust and a soft and airy inside.

No, the well-known, but awkward method of using a heat resistant dish of water doesn’t produce the same result because the water doesn’t evaporate fast enough; the dish cools off too quickly when you pour in the water and so doesn’t produce the right effect. The commonly used water sprayer produces dents in the crust and the crust also becomes hard. Ice cubes evaporate too fast and therefore have no effect. These makeshift solutions may not only damage the oven, with many adverse consequences (warping, rust, dents and cracks in the bottom plate), they fail by far to produce the desired result. When opening the oven door (for example to use the water sprayer) the temperature drops. DeSh~Stoom stays at the right temperature thanks to its unique material and the pre-heating of the oven.

Yes, DeSh~Stoom has been tested and has been awarded the following food safety inspection certificate:

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 15 October 1984; on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to ceramic articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs 84/500/EEC

Commodity Act Packaging and Food Utensils Regulation of The Netherlands of 20 November 1979 and its amendments up to and including 1028394-156011-VGP of 26 October 2016

Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of 27 October 2004.

Yes, when used regularly crumbs and remnants from the products baked and hard water (Tip: use bottled water) can cause staining. These stains cannot be removed from this natural product. They do not affect the result.

No, because due to DeSh~Stoom’s unique way of working all the water evaporates.

Yes, it is a fire resistant, strong material and is heat resistant up to 1200C. It can remain in the oven at all times.


The easiest way is to use a watering can with a long spout.

Every oven is different and sometimes it takes a while before DeSh~Stoom shows the promised result. Therefore, always contact me and together we will find the best solution, because DeSh~Stoom works! I promise you that.

“Hello, received steam tray yesterday. Today 2 loaves of bread and pistolets. I notice that I don’t see steam in the oven… is this normal? However oven preheated higher and this for another 20 minutes before bread in the oven….”
Our answer:
“How warm did you preheat the oven?
How long preheated?
Have you used cold / warm or hot water?
Can I or may I call you about this? ”
Buyer’s answer:
“Thank you for the quick reply. I preheated the oven to 230, if it had its degrees, let it preheat for 20 minutes. Then at 200 degrees and bread in the oven and then a bowl filled with cold water. Have to say eaten bread and rolls this morning and they were superb. Very crispy crust. The tray was always empty after baking. Also had once opened oven to see if I saw steam because I could not see through oven window. But unfortunately I saw no steam but still super tasty bread. Have looked through youtube afterwards and saw steam … hence my message. Thank you.

Hey. Thank you for your call. This week I followed your advice. I turned the oven up and preheated for longer. Water that I then put in a bowl was first boiled in a microwave. Immediately I had high vapor. Bread and ciabatta baked. Super super crispy crust and very tender. It is a top product. Thank you. As promised here some photos.

This is very dependent on how hot your oven gets. Not every oven actually gets as hot as the temperature of the oven indicates, you measure the real temperature with an oven thermometer. I would recommend starting with lukewarm / hot water. If it steams too much then cold water next time. Try out DeSh~Stoom a few times to “run a test”,
to find the water temperature suitable for your oven. For fast steam, warm water is best. If preheating takes too long, you can preheat DeSh~Stoom in the microwave for 9 minutes at 750 watts or more. Then preheat in the oven.