Home-baked bread with a crispy, thin crust and soft and fluffy on the inside? The answer is: STEAM!

With DeSh~Stoom you always have the quality of the bakery at home!

Many home-bakers don’t have the ability to create safe steam in their oven or combi-microwave oven.

DeSh~Stoom turns every home oven into a professional oven with steam.

Who did not burn himself when water had to be poured into the hot oven? So no more hassle with:

-The well-known oven-proof or glass dish of water (glass can crack) containing pebbles, etc. has no use because the water that you pour in, doesn’t evaporate fast enough; the dish cools off too quickly when you pour in the water and so has little to no effect. It takes too long to start steaming and then it takes too long to steam. Usually the red-hot dish is removed from the oven after 10/20 minutes. Unsafe and a lot of temperature loss in your oven, because the oven door is open. Trays containing lava stones, porous stones that soak up water produce steam for too long, because the stones stay wet for too long and you don’t know what substances are released as the stones heat up in the oven.

-The well known water sprayer dents in the crust, the bread gets a hard crust, because the steam is too short. When opening the oven door (to use the water sprayer), you have a lot of temperature loss.

-Ice cubes evaporate immediately and have no effect.

These makeshift solutions may not only damage the oven, with many adverse consequences (warping, rust, dents and cracks in the bottom plate), they fail by far to produce the desired result.

 I’ve tried all these makeshift solutions myself but non of them in my opinion produce the desired result. It’s taken me about two years to develop this final product of which I’m very proud.

DeSh~Stoom gives the home baker a safe and simple solution that works!

It is essential that the moisture is added at the beginning of the baking process, about 4 to 5 minutes.

DeSh~Stoom produces steam at the beginning of the baking process. It produces steam after just a few seconds. After about 4 to 5 minutes DeSh~Stoom is completely empty as the water has turned to steam. DeSh~Stoom stays at the right temperature thanks to its unique material and the pre-heating of the oven.

Simply preheat the oven that already contains the DeSh~Stoom, pour water into DeSh~Stoom to the top of the upright edge; DeSh~Stoom does the rest. These simple steps ensure that your homemade bread stays crunchy fresh for longer. DeSh~Stoom can be placed at any height in the oven.

Its unique material and design ensure that the bread receives exactly the required amount of steam at the right moment. Also for baking prebaked rolls. The special material makes DeSh~Stoom suitable for the oven, for combination microwaves, barbecues (gas and charcoal) and the pizza and wood oven. DeSh~Stoom is heat-resistant up to 1.200C.

DeSh~Stoom is safe, compact and very simple to use. The only condition is that DeSh~Stoom must be properly preheated for best results. (Preheat at 220 to 250 degrees). Maintain the recommended baking temperature when baking.

DeSh~Stoom is a moulded rectangular dish made from unique ceramic, heat-resistant material, with a number of unique components. No unnatural substances have been added. DeSh~Stoom is safe and has been TNO officially approved for food preparation. It measures 16 cm by 8 cm and is 2.75 cm to 4 cm high. DeSh~Stoom is very sturdy and stays in place making it safe to work with. The top and sides are polished. The bottom is unpolished so that DeSh~Stoom stays in its place in the oven and doesn’t slide around. Its compact dimensions mean that DeSh~Stoom does not take up too much space leaving plenty of room in the oven for the products that are being baked. DeSh~Stoom can stay in the oven at all times.

Click here for the complete user manual.