Your baking aid for homemade crustry bread every time

More than 30 years of experience!

With more than thirty years of baking experience and a development period of two years, DeSh~Stoom is already indispensable in the kitchen of more than 650 home bakers.

Klantenervaring met DeSh~Stoom:

"The bread is delicious: as if you get it fresh from the bakery with a crispy crust!"

I use the Desh stoom tray for several months. I bought this because I bake a lot of gluten-free bread. The result is great. A delicious crispy crust and I can also reduce the baking time from 50 minutes to 40 minutes. I preheat the oven to 225 degrees. As soon as the oven is hot I bring the temperature back to 190 degrees (previously 200 degrees) and bake the bread in 40 minutes. In the ordinary baking prebeaked rolls, I use the steam tray too. The sandwiches are delicious: as if you get them fresh from the bakery with a crispy crust! The price-quality ratio is good. Highly recommended for anyone who loves good bread!

Suitable for





Pizza oven

Exactly the required amount of steam at the right moment.

Photos by happy home bakers

Our customers are very satisfied with DeSh~Stoom and rate us with 4.7 / 5 stars. Are you the next home baker to get a picture on our homepage?

Why do I need DeSh~Stoom?

Safer and easier

Who did not burn himself when water had to be poured into the hot oven? So no more unsafe, the well-known, makeshift solutions. No damage to your oven. A safe, durable and simple solution that works!

Just in time

Exactly the required amount of steam at the right moment. Also suitable for the combination microwaves, barbecues (gas and charcoal) and the pizza/wood oven. Unique material and design. Heat resistant up to 1,200. degrees.

your baking aid

Turns every home oven into a professional oven with steam. Simply preheat the oven that already contains the DeSh~Stoom, pour water into DeSh~Stoom to the top of the upright edge and DeSh~Stoom does the rest. Can be placed at any height in the oven.

Quality bread

The best proven baking result: homemade bread stays crunchy fresh for longer. Homemade crustry bread every time. Always the quality of the bakery at home! Also for baking prebaked rolls.



My name is Frank Dellemann. I’m a baker through and through. In 1966 my crib lay above my parent’s bakery so I literally grew up amongst the loaves. Bread is a wonderful product and I am, as the say, fanatic about my profession. Thanks to my many years of experience and knowledge, covering all aspects of the bakery (traditional, industrial and bake off), bread, pastries and much more, I was able in 2015 to start my own company F.D.S. (Frank Dellemann Support). Through this I share my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about bread making and in doing so inspire others.

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